Vinyl EP, 2022

ft. Zooey Agro, Anna Hirsch, Marlon McNeill, Martin Schenker

  1. 4444 ft. Zooey Agro
  2. Rand ft. Anna Hirsch
  3. Peng! ft. MarlonMcNeill
  4. Meeressäuger ft. Martin Schenker

Mix: Jari Antti, Lukas Huber, Michael Anklin, Robert Torche
Master: Noel Summerville
Artwork: Matthias Huber

Supported by:
Pro Helvetia
Musikbüro Basel Basel
Migros Kulturprozent
Ville de Bienne
Swisslos/Culture Canton de Berne

On the first physical stopover of IV (...)’s multi-year release phase, Zooey Aggro (13 Year Cicada, Tommy Lobo) puts an associative torrent of words over an ever-condensing and dissolving rhythmic «pattern pyramid» ("4444"). On "Rand", Anna Hirsch (Ikarus) weaves polyphonic meandering vocal lines over a seemingly aimless guitar foundation. Side B of this 10" vinyl EP features the song "Peng"! which unleashes a digital / disembodied / automatized musical avalanche that transitions into another sonic sphere through Marlon McNeill’s (Combineharvester) rather corporeal and organic vocal blast. In addition, side B hosts the song "Meeressäuger", where Martin Schenker (Alois) adds dreamy, wandering sounds and an equally floating layer of lyrics.