The openly structured band UFO was formed in 2011 by Michael Anklin and Lukas Huber. Since then, the band, whose line-up now also includes Robert Torche, has performed over 300 concerts with more than 100 guest musicians and artists, released two LPs on Everest Records and A Tree in a Field Records, worked on a composition for / with Ensemble Phoenix Basel, produced a video project, and organised / played over 30 concerts with the Schlägerei mit anschliessender Diskussion concert series in Basel, Zurich, Biel, Lucerne, Winterthur and Crémines.

Lukas Huber

Lukas Huber (*1990) frequently works with and in bands, as well as in music theatre and theatre productions. People he has often collaborated with in the past include Michael Anklin, Benjamin van Bebber, Aurelio Buchwalder, Jannik Giger, Sarah Hänggi, Daniel Hellmann, Leo Hofmann, Matthias Huber, Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs, Ariane Koch, Janiv Oron, Mathilde Raemy, Robert Torche, Kinga Toth, Zahava Rodrigo and Zino Wey. In recent years, he has been part of UFO, unorthodoxjukebox o., Laser von Nazareth and l'étage nival and has written music for productions at various locations, including Theater Basel, Schauspielhaus Wien, Kampnagel in Hamburg. As a composer of non-theatrical music, he has worked on projects with Basel Sinfonietta, Absolut Trio, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Vokalensemble Tradiophon and HYPER DUO.

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Michael Anklin

Michael Anklin (*1989) is active as a drummer, electronic musician and producer in various bands and interdisciplinary projects. He is, among other things, a founding member of the experimental improvisation and concept band UFO and the science fiction ritual band Liebeslied. Together with the musician Janiv Oron, he developed various sound installations and music for dance pieces under the title Anklin | Oron. Michael formed the duo KilchhoferAnklin with Benjamin Kilchhofer in 2017. To expand his sound spectrum, he utilises field recordings as well as self-built instruments and sound objects. He deals with the distortion and bending of grooves and their timelines as well as rhythmic ambiguous images and with the contrast between chaos, chance and constructed rhythmic structures. Besides traditional concert work, he enjoys being active in the tension-laden realm of live concerts, sound installations and augmented reality settings. His sound is characterised by a multitude of drum preparations and the use of various objects, effects and sound manipulations.

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Robert Torche

Robert Torche (*1990) is a freelance sound designer and electronic music performer. He specializes in the development and implementation of hardware and software for electronic musical instruments. After completing his master's degree in audio design at Musik-Akademie Basel in 2013, Robert gained a master's in free improvisation with Fred Frith and Alfred Zimmerlin and has since played regularly in various chamber music formations. He is a member of the ensembles Inverspace, Mycelium, We Spoke and viceversa as well as UFO, with whom he frequently performs throughout Switzerland and Europe. Robert is well known for sharing his enthusiasm for sound design and musical computer science within trans-disciplinary settings and regularly works in areas such as music theatre, multimedia installations, contemporary music, film, dance and theatre.

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Bad Bonn Kilbi, Düdingen
ft. Claire Huguenin, Marlon McNeill and Odd Beholder


Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel
Performance and Installation, ft. Mathilde Raemy and Janiv Oron

2019 / 2020

«Schlägerei mit anschliessender Diskussion»
Performances at
OFF-Bar Basel
UMBO Zürich
Literaturcafé Biel
Neubad Luzern
Pantographe Crémines
ft. Claire Huguenin, Ramon Landolt, Evelinn Trouble, Flo Stoffner und Martin Schenker


Schmatz, Basel
Cave12, Genève
Composition and Performance "Schwelle" ft. Ensemble Phoenix Basel


Zollhalle, Basel
«Eriazo», Soundinstallation

2017 / 2018

«Schlägerei mit anschliessender Diskussion»
Performances at
OFF-Bar Basel
Flatterschaft Basel
UMBO Zürich
Albani Winterthur
Literaturcafé Biel
ft. Marina Tantanozzi, Lucien Dubuis, Steve Buchanan, Hans Koch, Camille Emaille, Olga Guzmann, Adrien Guerne und Volker Böhm


Bad Bonn Kilbi, Düdingen
Performance ft. Dimitri Grimm


Release Tour II, DE and CH
Performances in Moutier, Genève, Villingen-Schwenningen, Giessen, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Bern and Basel


HEK, Basel
Long duration performance ft. Janiv Oron and Basel Sinfonietta


Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich
Performance ft. Leo Hofmann, Patrick Stadler and Gérman Alonso

2014 / 2015

Literarisches Colloquium, Berlin
UFO at Helvetischen Sommerfest


«Apples and Olives»
Festival EXIL, Zürich
Performance ft. Jan Sutter and Raphael Rossé


Performance ft. Julian Sartorius und Strotter Inst.


Fri-Son, Fribourg
Performance ft. Vincent Ruiz


HEK Basel at Keck-Kiosk