Vinyl EP, 2023

ft. Rea Dubach, Jannik Giger, Claire Huguenin, Odd Beholder, Mathilde Raemy

  1. Konnakol ft. Rea Dubach
  2. Don't cry - work. ft. Jannik Giger
  3. HaltStopp ft. Claire Huguenin
  4. Smarakt ft. Odd Beholder & Mathilde Raemy

Mix: Jari Antti, Lukas Huber, Michael Anklin, Robert Torche
Master: Noel Summerville
Artwork: Matthias Huber

Supported by:
Pro Helvetia
Musikbüro Basel Basel
Migros Kulturprozent
Ville de Bienne
Swisslos/Culture Canton de Berne

This 10″ vinyl EP combines the second series of four individually released UFO songs: Konnakol, HaltStopp, Don’t cry – work. and Smarakt.
On the second physical stopover of the several-year long release phase of IV (…), Rea Dubach (Omni Selassi, Rea) goes loudly on a hunt in the Song Konnakol, followed by composer and video artist Jannik Giger with a cryptic message through the song Don’t cry – work. threatening to disappear in the fog right away. The singer Claire Huguenin also seems to be behind a foggy curtain when softly speaking of silence in HaltStopp. Finally, Daniela Weinmann (Odd Beholder) conjures up insects in Smarakt and lets them revive the supposed emptiness.