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Thanks to Simon Meacher for the translation into English

There are some bands whom it would be impossible to imagine the rock
scene without. One of these bands is without doubt UFO, which since 1969
has experienced all the highs and the (numerous) lows of the rock
business. The history of the band is one of stress, particularly where
its line-up is concerned. Anyway, it seems the band leaders Phil Mogg,
Pete Way and Paul Raymond are interested once again. Newly-enlisted to
the crew of the flying object next to Jason Bonham, son of drumming
legend John Bonham (LED ZEPPELIN), is guitar hero Vinnie Moore. Moore
made his name during the Guitar-Hero-Wave of the 80s and, in addition to
cutting seven strong solo albums he appeared on the first two VICIOUS
RUMORS discs. A band with fresh wind in its sails, then.
Songs like opener "Daylight goes to town", "The wild one" or "Give it
up" are typical UFO-style midtempo rockers, although "Black cold coffee"
soon indicates that this is an altogether different reincarnation of the
band. A hard rock-funk song like this could just as easily have come
from STEVIE SALAS, LIVING COLOUR or EXTREME; the same goes for
"Jelloman". The balladesque "Baby Blue" featuring a steel guitar is the
kind of song one might have found on one of the older UFO albums. The
groovy "Call me", "The spark that is us" and the diamond-hard "Sympathy"
have a quite modern and American sound. Even though this CD doesn't
really contain any real hits at least "Mr. Freeze" and "Slipping away"
are both stubbornly catchy. On the set-closing "Swallow" Moore and
Bonham really cut loose one last time.
Bonham's varied drumming brings real momentum to the music. It is
amazing how well Vinnie Moore fits in. Some of his leads are truly
jaw-dropping but his playing suits the songs excellently. Sadly some of
the guitar melodies come across too obviously as overdubs, and these
don't blend in too well harmonically. The singing is too far forward in
the mix. This takes some of the power away from the coolly rocking songs
and also shows that Mr Mogg is somewhat short of ideas. Many of his song
melodies have been heard before elsewhere. Nevertheless, it is often
Mogg's characteristic voice which makes the songs stand out. The CD has
a crisp and modern production thanks to Tommy Newton, who is based in
the poky town of Celle.
In any case one hopes that this line-up remains intact since a UFO in
this formation deserves to stay a while in the hard rock universe. UFO
have opened themselves up to modern influences and still managed to
reproduce their brand of timeless hard rock. "You are here" is no
masterpiece but it is a very good listen. True UFO fans can't go wrong
if they buy this CD.


Cheryl: After seeing UFO awhile ago and hearing some of these songs live I was curious to hear the whole album so I´m glad it ended up being a pick for the Inquisition. What you´ll get here is a very solid album chock full of catchy Rock N Roll tunes fronted by the great vocals of Phil Mogg and the excellent, smoking guitarwork of Vinnie Moore. Of course there will be those out there who are unhappy with the fact that Schenker isn´t among the ranks anymore but quite frankly I think Moore does a killer job here. A worthy album for all UFO / Hard Rock fans !

Mordred: When you have on the reviewing pannel such long timers, chances are that an oldie might pop up every once in a while! Good for variety and good for all those who still need a lesson about what’s Metal and what’s not! Anyway, UFO has been around for a long, long time… More than 30 years to be more precise! And honour to Phil Mogg and Pete Way, they still keep making quality albums. For this album fasten your seat-belts cause the guitar-hero shredder Vinnie Moore is here! Also, Jason Bonham on the drums shows he has learned a trick or two from his father… To be absolutely honest, this is not the type of Metal that an 80’s born and raised metalhead such as myself will be raving about (except, of course, for some guitar antics) but at the same time I know quality when it hits my face! And it might be just a matter of mood for me to enjoy more the album… As it is, I still give my vote of confidence to all those into 70’s Metal who might want to see if UFO still delivers!
Loucypher: Here is my chance to review a band that (sadly for me) I have overlooked for too long. Maybe it was not the time for me to be hooked with this kind of hard rock (maybe we could call it pre-metal too). Anyway, here I am reviewing this really excellent album by the band headed by Phil Mogg. For this album they have added some new blood (guitar hero, Vinnie Moore, and the son of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, Jason) and that adds a new dimension to their music, sounding really fresh and (this is really surprising for a band that has been playing for more than 30 years) “young”. It reminds me a lot of the energy showed by another veteran band as Deep Purple (whose last album we reviewed here). So what do we find here? First class hard rock from the beginning to the end, Phil Mogg in top form, Vinnie Moore showing us that he can perfectly fill Michael Schenker shoes with no problem (Vinnie´s leads are really high class job here), Jason Bonham playing hard his drum kit and Paul Raymond and Pete Way completing this hard rocking line-up. My highlights would be the opening 'Daylight Comes To Town', 'Black Cold Coffee', 'Sympathy' and the delicious ballad, 'Baby Blue', but overall the whole album is worthy of listening and would be a good purchase.
Runehammer: UFO kick off 2004 with a brand new album and a distinctly AC/DC’ish intro to “When the Daylight Goes To Town” at least until Phil Mogg’s voice kicks in followed by some neat slide guitar courtesy of Vinnie Moore (ex-VICIOUS RUMORS, making his UFO debut). This is unmistakeably UFO and that augurs well for the rest of the album. “Black Cold Coffee” follows and whilst the song isn’t particularly stellar there’s some awesome guitar work and enough on offer to show that the line-up, completed by Pete Way (bass), Paul Raymond (keys) and Jason Bonham (drums), are really up for it. Suffice to say that this album is a total joy to listen to, and tracks like “Give it Up” could easily appear on any of the mid 70’s UFO classics with no detrimental effect whatsoever. This is an absolute “must buy” for any UFO fans and fans of good music in general.
Black Poet: That’s the way I like rock ‘n’ roll. This album supposes UFO’s return to the worldwide metal scene, and my first impressions listening to “Daylight Goes To Town” can’t be better. This lovely bunch of "grumpas" still know how to rock hard and make you shake your head with good hard rock riffs. The second number (“Black Cold Coffee”) has even funky influences in the main riff or in Phil Mogg’s voice, who is still singing with strength and reminding all of us why UFO was one of the most influential pre-metal bands. Anyway, time goes by and that’s also something that can be appreciated in the music and in the way of composing. Don’t expect to find something like “Phenomenon” beacause you won’t. Don’t get scared, this album sounds less “older” than “Phenomenon”, it sounds like something recorded on this century. “The Wild One” is a good example of what I’m saying. Anyway this can be considered as a classic UFO album suitable for everyone who likes good hard rock by one of the masters of the genre. Rating: 8/10.

30th April 2004

You Are Here REVIEW

When one talks about hard rock, it’s impossible not to mention Ufo, band that along the years succeeded to trace an undeniable furrow in the history of this style. No matter what the reasons of this come back (that also saw the return of Michael Shenker), the single important thing is the music they produced, and of good music in the new “You Are Here” (third reunion album) we can find a lot. The new line-up of the band sees the great Vinnie Moore replacing Shenker and the son of the legendary “Bonzo” of Zeppelin behind the skins and, to say it all, it seems they both perfectly merged the rest of the band, since every song in there shows a confident band as never before, able to give us some gems like “Call Me” and “Daylight Goes to Town”. The album flows away smoothly showing some tension decrease in the final part, but setting anyway on good levels and giving us a Phil Moog in big shape, able to give us the goose flesh with his incisive voice. What are Ufo in 2004? They are band in great shape that, after making the history of hard rock, still want to play the style they love, trying to put some fresher element in their songwriting (especially thanks to the contribution of Vinnie Moore), without chasing the ghosts of the past and feeding on their success. Ufo are a true band that had much to say and that’s always ready to burn out the soul of the audience and that, until they release so enjoyable albums, will always be worthy the given success.

©2004 Fabio Stancati

28th April 2004

Phil Mogg Interview

Although not a recent interview - 16th February 2004, its just come to my notice.
An interesting read as ever from Phil.

27th April 2004

Moore & Mogg are Flying High

UK's Guitarist Magazine - Issue 249, May 2004

From the opening bars of 'Dayight Goes To Town' with Vinnie Moore's thick layer of guitars and Phil Mogg's characteristic vocal delivery, the latest UFO album draws you in.

...the songs are powerful and delivered with real authority. Pete Way on Bass and Jason Bonham on drums make a first class rhythm section...

...with a great overall mix and Vinnies just blistering on track after track its's a winning formula.

Standout tracks: Black Cold Coffee, Wild One & Baby Blue.

Roger Newell

©May 2004 Future Publishing, Guitarist Magazine

26th April 2004

UFO - You Are Here (SPV)

By: David L. Wilson

[8/10] History has been kind to UFO in that with each new album produced under the name there is a confidence that it will be received with the benefit of a doubt and so it is with the opening of You Are Here. Of course the expectations were high for this is the group that had already produced such unparalleled classics as 'Force It', 'Phenomenon', 'No Heavy Pettin’' and 'Lights Out'. Though I am not (as yet) able to say that You Are Here surpasses the combination of intense passion and downright shred of those early classics this one does rate much higher than just about anything else that bears the UFO logo.
The center of UFO has always been Phil Mogg and Pete Way and it is that pair who carry You Are Here though they have ample help from newbies Jason Bonham and Vinnie Moore. Moore’s soloing is every bit as fiery as previous players in the position and Bonham continues to channel his famous father’s spirit with every whack making the whole of this album feel like a solid team effort, something that was lacking on previous outings.
Though each of the twelve tracks has their own endearing feature for me it was the indescribable thump of 'Mr. Freeze' that won the day. On this track you have one of the hottest solos in UFO history and one of the greatest performances by Phil Mogg that I have ever heard. Powerful stuff for sure. 'The Spark That Is Us' and 'The Wild One' both rate special mention as well with their places in a live set necessitated by their simple existence.
With the release of You Are Here me thinks that the temptation for UFO to suffer the tantrums of on again/off again guitarist Michael Schenker will easily be avoided. The best in years and more than primer enough to bring the fans out to see UFO knock the lights out live.


22nd April 2004

Fans from France to the USA YOU ARE HERE REVIEWS

17th April


15th April

UFO, Hugenottenhalle Neu-Isenburg - LIVE REVIEW

Can anyone send in a translation to us English speaking fans?

Also a review for YOU ARE HERE from the same website

14th April

Another great YOU ARE HERE review

11th April

Another great UFO, YOU ARE HERE REVIEW from Greg Baxevanidis at the


8th April 2004

Photo ©2004 Frederic Surelle

A really informative, warm and much anticipated Vinnie Moore interview from Batttttty.

7th April

Pete Way Interview in Hannover - Both in German and English translation


UFO - "You Are Here" CD '04 (SPV, Eng) - Some surprise albums are nightmares. You're expecting greatness in such a casual, nonchalant way that when the mediocrity comes, it knocks you back with all the power of a bag of dead fish having been left in the summer sun, then opened to your unsuspecting nose. One of my personal waterloo's here is Priest's "Killing Machine." After the majestic glory of "Stained Class," I was all ready for an even more crowning achievement and was met instead with...well..."Killing Machine." Can it be a coincidence that I spent a week in the hospital in 1978 around this LP's release with a horrifying stomach infection? But, occasionally, there can be the "other" kind of surprise. The one that nobody who's truthful or even in their right mind could possibly foresee. The kind that gives you a good day (week? year?) & upturns your smile in a way Nostradamus himself could never predict.
Those things in mind, I turn to legendary English band UFO.

They began so long ago, guitar-ed (is that really a verb?) by bluesy Mick Bolton and issued a couple dark, psych-y records before a certain even-blusier Bernie Marsden stepped in for a moment, only to see the entrance then of the (do I really need to say this) enigmatic Michael Schenker. The band then went on a run of uncommon greatness, delivering seminal '70's masterpieces like "Force It," "Lights Out" and "Obsession," culminating in what is still considered one of the greatest 2-record live sets of all time, the breathtaking "Strangers In The Night." Throughout all these, Phil Mogg's streetwise poetry and soulfful voice merged with Schenker's startlingly visionary riffs & leadwork to produce sheer magic. Of course, it's no secret Schenker was a helluva mess personally and his departure at the end of the '70's ushered in Paul Chapman, who had briefly teamed with Michael in the '74-era of the band. UFO then went on to produce a string of 4 records that were good, however several steps below their predecessors, the notable exception being '81's "The Wild, The Willing & The Innocent," a lost classic that to me stands toe-to-toe with their best. At this point, the group went into a spin of much more serious mediocrity & even awfulness, incorporating other guitarists like Atomik Tommy, Lawrence Archer, etc.
A flashpoint finally occurred in 1995. The classic line-up including Mogg, Pete Way, Schenker, Paul Raymond & Andy Parker issued the stunning "Walk On Water" records and my musical world got sent topsy-turvy, seeing one of the only times in history that a re-union actually worked, as the record came across as the true successor to 1978's "Phenomenon." Thing is, some people never change. Schenker was still a raving lunatic and he went on to cause major personal problems in touring, etc. What came next was the darker, less catchy but, to me, quite impressive "Covenant." This saw a more indulgent Schenker lacing the songs with intricate intros, harmony parts, etc. In truth, while more technically impressive, the album did not rock with the fury or memorability of "Walk..." and the subsequent "Sharks" was, in retropspect, an even more hodgepodge, slapped together by an awkward Schenker/Mogg pairing that should have probably cut their losses after the "Walk..." tour.

With all that in place, I then saw something in a magazine last year about UFO continuing on with Vinne Moore on guitar and Jason Bonham on drums. My thoughts were instantly transported to that dark, Atomik Tommy-etc. era....A few old geezers, now even older, trying to grab for any piece of flotsam to hang on to aging rock-star careers at any cost to their pride by bringing in so-called "guns" and in the process, making an embarrassing parody of themselves on the Vegas circuit. When this was finally released, I didn't even want to LOOK, let alone listen. And yet, similar to the way it is when you see what looks like a bad accident on the other side of the road, you've gotta take a peek....

Remember that "other" kind of surprise I was talking about before? You don't even know the least of it! Against any odds I can imagine, totally defying every instinct and gut-feeling and hunch I had as a music critic of nearly 30 years....I proceeded to listen as the new UFO album has kicked my ever-loving ass. You must understand one thing very clearly, if nothing else, after reading this review. This is not "a pretty good album for UFO in 2004." This is not "good, considering that Michael is not on it." No, this is a f&cking great UFO album. Period. I know, I know. I don't know how. I don't know why. It sounds preposterous, but I just know it is. Well, ok, there are some reasons I can explain and they are a joy. The first thing that I was dreading was how Moore's guitarwork was going to sound in this. The thing is, this guy is obviously way better than I gave him credit for. Way, way better. Of course, he's had the reputation of being a "shredder," and even though I do know he's at least one of the originators in that style and that I still do like his debut instrumental LP, I had no idea he had the kinda command of bluesy hard rock he shows here. Thing is, the motherf*cker comes up with one utterly British-sounding heavy rock riff after the other. And, damn if he doesn't do it without sounding like Schenker and yet still sounding like he's the UFO guitarist. Add to that leads that while, occasionally reaching stun speed are still so steeped in feeling & melody that no old-school guitar fiend worth their salt could dare not love it. Jesus, listen to "The Wild One." Only 3 tracks in, this is up there with anything on "Obsession." Vinnie compliments Mogg's vocal lines with guitar fills that know the world of a back-porch blues guy in Mississippi and still can get off like a big dog when solo time comes.

And let's talk about Mogg. I know this is going to sound crazy too, but for the life of me, I cant' say that I've ever heard him sound better than he does on this record. Maybe it's my imagination, but it sounds like he's singing with more feel, more personal touch than I can remember. Check out ""Baby Blue." His crooning in the classics "Love To Love" or "Out In The Streets" (how long ago?!?!) may be as good, but I honestly can't say he sounded better in them than he does here. Couple that with the fact that the man, now into his 50's, has still got the sardonic wit & lyrical spit of a dude half his age (he remarks at one point, in this album, about "climbing up the monkey's nose"), here's one of the truest RAWK & ROLLERS of my long generation.

The thing that just cements this gorgeous slab of butt-smackin' head-kick to my CD player for good though, are the songs. Twelve in a row and nothing naff. In the spirit of all the better UFO records, they run the gamut from the shake-down-the-pub-rockers to the tear-jerking ballads but not a one doesn't come at you with bare knuckles, driven home by a sweet, upfront production. "Black Cold Coffee," "The Spark That Is Us," "Jello Man" and the stirring closer "Swallow" are but more examples.
Oh, and did I mention that UFO now finally has a great drummer in their official line-up, now that the son of the king of crush, Jason Bonham wields his ten-ton sticks of death all over this platter, not only firmly planting his own head-splitting style here but, I'm quite sure, sending a beaming smile down (er...up?!) from father John. Joining him in the proliferation of hind-spanking rhythm-coolness, of course, Mr. Way lays down his infinitely solid 4-string message and damn, if it isn't great to hear old time pal Paul Raymond back in the picture one more time.

I'm not really sure what else I can say here, except for the fact that I've now possibly written one of the longest reviews I've ever posted about an album that I originally thought I'd flush down the crapper in one or 2 sentences. Just how good is "You Are Here?" Truthfully, it's right up there with "Walk On Water," I shit you not. In one sense, it may even be better in the regard that it's several songs longer than that '95 masterpiece and without a filler even in sight. Timeless British hard rock is alive and very, very well and it's not in the re-treaded Leppard riffs and nail-scratching, gimmick vocals of hype-kings The Darkness. It's in the killer new UFO album, which you need to go and buy....RIGHT NOW!!!


I really havn't enjoyed such a read in a very long time. CHAOS REALM seems to be written by a very talented guy, Ray. That's all I know as he keeps his identity and contact details close to his chest. All I can say is that Ray has some great taste in music and believes in spreading 'the word' to the masses. Go visit CHAOS REALM. Cheers Ray - Tristan


4th April 2004

YOU ARE HERE REVIEW and a series of web pages dedicated to UFO

3rd April 2004

Tom's You Are Here CD review

31st March 2004

3 FAN CD reviews

can be found on THIS PAGE

28th March 2004


25th March 2004


19th March 2004

UK's April Issue of CLASSIC ROCK - Issue 65

Phenomenal! indeed - UFO fans are in for a real treat in this months Classic Rock magazine. Already on the shelves in UK stores, a two page album review from Geoff Barton and five pages put aside by Dave Ling for a Phil Mogg interview - FANTASTIC

Lets start with the interview...

Starting with Pages 39 and 40
page 41
page 42
page 43
©Classic Rock Magazine. Images © Ross Halfin/Idols, Jorgen Angel, Glen A. Baker/Redfurns

...Dave Ling pulls no punches and quizzes Phil over the 'Manchester debacle', talks about events leading up to the show, reaction and effect it had on the band and fans. The control of the band name 'UFO', re-grouping with a new line-up and past UFO members up for consideration. The final choosing of the replacements for Drums and Guitars, the relationship between the new members and feel of the band. Touch on the two previous albums, 'Covenant' and 'Sharks'. The current European tour and the overall feeling regarding Michael Schenker.

In all this is a frank and highly entertaining interview from Dave Ling - Phil is open with his thoughts, plans for the band are positive and warm. In fact Phil Mogg seems very very comfortable with UFO both personally and professionally. I am not going to report on the detail as to encourage you fans to go out and BUY this issue of Classic Rock. You will not be disappointed.

Order a copy of Classic Rock

Now onto the review

I have been reading this magazine since the first issue and I must say it isn't often that a band is awarded five stars!!!

I will just quote a few comments from Geoff as I really want you go out and buy a copy of the magazine. If you have trouble getting hold of a copy, e-mail me and I'll put you in the right direction.

"This is a very 21st-century UFO. Although the essence of the band's sound remains - imperious anthems driven by Mogg's stentorian voice, but also tempered by liberal doses of melody..."

"...Moore is a revelation on 'You Are Here', cranking out an array of raw, beefy, quintessentially British rock riffs that belie his fretwiddling upbringing..."

"Jason provides a backdrop of rumbling menace..."

"Mogg is in top lyrical form throughout..."


It really is a fantastic review from the best Rock Magazine in the world - Oh what joy.

14th March

Another great UFO, YOU ARE HERE REVIEW from Greg Baxevanidis at the


4th March

UK's Rock Ahead Album Review


1st March

Spanish interview with Phil Mogg

29th February

Another very good German album review

Another 8/10 review for 'YOU ARE HERE'

and JASONS interview

26th February 2004

Jason Bonham Interview on Live 4 Metal

25th February 2004

Phil Mogg - Interview

Click on the 'UFO - Phil Mogg' link listed under 'Issue 60'

Thanks to our friend Todd Smith, Editor

5 Star Amazon Review - This album has the feel of 'Walk on Water'(a true UFO 'classic') - with strong tunes, an excellent sound, and Phil Mogg in prime form(almost Springsteen-esque lyrics at times).
Stand out cuts? - Mr Freeze, When Daylight Comes to Town and Sympathy.
To sum up, better than the recent Sharks and Covenant albums, and close to the underated, undiscovered masterpiece that was the Sign of 4 album.

Reviewer: Rob H from Harrogate, North Yorks England

24th February

5 out of 5 REVIEW from Melodic Rock Heaven

23rd February 2004

8/10 Review from Metal Eagle


"With the addition of Vinnie Moore and Jason Bonham ´You Are Here´ turns out as the strongest UFO release since ´Walk On Water´"

21st February

Phil Mogg Interview with Brave Words


20th February

I see that The Cutting Edge have given 'You Are Here' the RECORD OF THE MONTH

Here is a GERMAN review

19th February


Saturday, February 21st - New Music Listening Party For UFO - YOU ARE HERE

"This week, we'll be holding a new music listening party with one of the biggest classic metal bands of all time - U.F.O. Their new album is called YOU ARE HERE, and we think you'll like it. Right now we're working out the details, but don't be surprised if someone from UFO checks in during the show as well!"

Another album review from The Cutting Edge

18th February

Another fantastic album review from RevelationZ

Danish album REVIEW

Thanks once again to Ralf Detlefsen from Copenhagen, Denmark

It looks promising for UFO in Denmark.
The largest Newspaper (B.T.) in Denmark give the new album almost
a Top Rating - 5 out of 6.

To Summarise for all the English speaking fans:
> A hardrock masterpiece. It looks like a new great period for UFO.
> The best album since "The Wild, Willing and Innocent".
> At same level with "Lights Out" and "Obsession".
> Great guitarplaying from Vinnie Moore.
> I can't remember when Phil Mogg has been singing so great.
> There are a lot of outstandings tracks on the album.

for the Danish fans, click here

16th February

Today is the day for us in Europe...


Interview with Jason Bonham and track selection - Excellent - Go and listen.

Jasons favourite tracks - 'Baby Blue' & 'The Spark that is Us'

11th February - REVIEW - see 4th Feb entry below

Thanks to Ralf Detlefsen from Copenhagen, Denmark

It seems that it wasn't a German Review but a NORWEGIAN REVIEW. Sorry about that.


What a great return of good old UFO in a modified line-up, consisting of
Vinnie Moore (guitar) and Jason Bonham (drums).
That means that Michael Schenker finally has got marching orders.
Schenker has created a lot of trouble for the band on the recent tours and
he also needed to take time out for rehabilitation. So now
they start afresh and have made a great album. Their latest albums
haven´t been bad, but they have been lacking some
enthusiasm and sparkle which is clearly present on the new album.
There are many good tracks to emphasize such as "Daylights Goes To Town",
"Black Cold Coffe", "The Spark That Is Us" and "Sympathy".

I really think that all tracks are of a very high standard. I
highly recommend this album to
both new and old fans. Hopefully UFO will get a renaissance with this new album.
If so, it is now they have the chance to show their rights for a further
career. The music on the album has qualities that only comes
with several years of experience. Especially I like the way Jason Bonham´s
plays the drums. And also Vinnie Moore, who is known
as a influential instrumentalist, contributes with a great guitar sound on the
album. The bottom line is that it has surprised me how
fine this album really is.

Thanks again Ralf for taking the time to translate


4th February

German REVIEW of 'You are here' - anyone translate? I know it scored 5/6


3rd February 2004

Hopefully now, REVIEWS of 'You are here' will be coming in and as positive as this one - TOP RATING - A


1st February 2004

Mr. Freeze
Daylight Goes To Town

It seems that EVERYONE really can't wait for the official YOU ARE HERE release date of February 16th 2004* (European release date), judging by the numerous e-mails that I am receiving. The main question still is 'How does Vinnie fit in with UFO on the new album?" Well here are two excellent examples of just how above all else, Vinnie has kept the highest standards of melodic guitar playing set by Michael. Both these Outo Clips of 'Mr. Freeze' and 'Daylight Goes To Town' will make all you UFO fans hairs stand on end and go out to pre-order from your local music stores - click on the CD's above to hear for yourselves. In my review below, I can't really say enough, of just how great I feel this album is. Looking back to my comments regarding Vinnie last November, I am proud to have judged it all just as I had thought. The good feeling just got better.

So its 15 days to go... Enjoy

*21st February 2004 - Japanese Release Date

* March 2004 - USA Release Date

21st January 2004

Now this how a review should be written...

... BATTTTTTY's review

20th January

Tristan's Promo REVIEW

SPV - PROMO cover

SPV - PROMO Inside cover


There is always a danger that when you look forward to a new UFO album release, you build it up and up in your mind, counting down the months, weeks and finally the days until somehow its in your hands that it can't be as good as the build up. Are you ready for the outcome? ok, YOU ARE HERE...

...I can put my hand on my heart and say that there will not be one UFO fan out there who will be disappointed by this wonderful album. 'You Are Here' is quite simply 'stunning'. I can guarantee that you all will be knocked over. The power, sensitivity, lyrical expression and melody that we have come to expect from UFO is just oozing from this release.

Vinnie and Jason have come into a band that has an awesome reputation from all areas and immediately they stamp their mark all over the album, leaving the great name of UFO 100 per cent true to form. The albums producer, Tommy Newton, has made a huge contribution to the album by creating a spark between the band and a sound that is crisp.

I am not going to attempt a full track by track account but I do wish to cover some of the highlights:

Opening track, 'Daylight Goes To Town' builds and builds with lead guitars weaving in and out of the track creating a melodic line that engrains into your soul. Jason on this track and throughout is the heart of the UFO engine with Phil the driver, and Vinnie stocking up the boilers with riffs and lead to die for.

Track 2, 'Black Cold Coffee' has power, feel and vocals that is UFO. The lead guitar break from Vinnie will leave you breathless.

Track 3. 'The Wild One' is one of my favorites - a perfect track beginning with a strong riff, bass kicks in and then the rhythm section of Jason and Paul and then a lead guitar melody from Vinnie that really never dies or goes away.. Phil is in fine voice and great great lyrics that build the story and create a picture, "No more haunted kisses, no more long goodbyes...".

My strengths are not in writing music reviews, so I am going to send you off to BATTTTTTY's 'You Are Here' page to listen and judge for yourselves. I will be really interested to read the songwriting credits on the final release as this promo doesn't go into such detail.

Finally, I would like to say that there is not one weak track on the album, additional highlights if pushed are 'Jello Man' (phasing effects to vocals) 'Baby Blue' (classic UFO ballad) and 'Swallow' BUT I have to mention track nine, 'Mr. Freeze'. This has to be one of the live tracks that UFO play from the album. The groove is superb. Phil shows why he is one of the greatest songwriter and vocalist that any British Rock group has produced,

"Sometimes I hear the angels are singing,
I can hear my mothers call.
Give me a Cadillac for a carriage and you'll hear running wheels spread through the trees,
You can call me Mr. Black,
You can call me Mr. Grey, or you can call me simply
call me Mr. Freeze."

The riffs, lead guitar and rhythm section is perfect. The production is excellent with the 'echo' effect on chosen lyrics adding to the feel. So good that you wake up the next day in bed with the melody coming out of your ears.

The rest is for you to look forward to... I don't want to end there but I have already run out words to describe 'YOU ARE HERE. Vinnies melodic guitar work sits so comfortably within the band leaving you feel excited, passionate and breathless. This UFO line-up is a gem and clearly the chemistry works so well that time will show that 'You Are Here' will sit alongside, classic albums, 'Lights Out', 'Obsession', The Wild THe Willing & The Innocent and 'Walk On Water'.

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