This page initially started to promote the Paul Raymond Project (PRP) and its then (new) album

Terms and Conditions Apply' back in 2012.

Today, December 2014 - Paul Raymond has released a new album

'REWIND 50' and it's a release that celebrates Paul's 50 years in the Music business.

Please support Paul and his band on this very 'special tour', starting this Thursday 8th January in Bristol

For NEWS and updates, visit: Official Paul Raymond | Official Facebook page


This page is not only dedicated to the New album,

but to also celebrate the work of

Please keep returning to the webpage as it will be updated over time with LATEST NEWS, Reviews, Photo's, past recoding info etc.





September 2015

17th September 2015

REMINDER that tomorrow (Friday 18th), PRP will be performing... the Vine Bar in Workington

and at the Asylum 2, Birmingham, England on Saturday 19th





9th September 2015

Two new pieces of NEWS from UFO members, Paul Raymond and Vinnie Moore.

Kicking off with Paul, the PRP gigs are on 18 and 19 September at the
Vine Bar in Workington and the Asylum 2, Birmingham, England.



August 2015


21st August 2015

Visit Pauls Facebook page for t-shirt info or for his new album, visit:
CD Baby:


PRP Rehearsals - More on Pauls Facebook page




14th August 2015

Paul Raymond Project play The Vine Bar, Workington on Friday 18 September with special guests Heartbreak Remedy and The Asylum Venue on Saturday 19 September with special guests Voodoo Sioux



This posted on Paul Raymond's Official Facebook page:
"OK it's official! 2 PRP shows coming up in September. The Vine Bar, Workington on Friday 18 September - free entry so make sure you get there early as when it's full, it's full! We are also delighted to announce a second gig at Asylum 2 in Birmingham on Saturday 19 September. Tickets £10 in advance or £12 on the door" - here's the link to online ticket sales:…/paul-raymond-project-as…/


July 2015

Really interesting interview with Paul Raymond on Rich Davenport's Rock Show

The first 20 minutes, Paul chats about UFO's latest album, 'A Conspiracy Of Stars' - the recording, Producer, band members, writing process and chooses three UFO songs which were played live: Killing Kind, Run Boy Run and Let it Rain (not We Belong to the Night as requested).

Rich Davenport then covers Paul's new album release 'Rewind 50' and Paul covers the background of the album, song selection, past bands. 'Scream Blue Murder', 'The Sky and You' & 'Twice Nightly' - Head over and listen to this interview - Great job Paul.




January 2015


28th January 2015


As well as containing a brief review for the new UFO album

and an interview with Phil Mogg,

the NEWS section and Heavy Rotation pages mention Paul Raymond's 'Rewind 50' - see below





24th January 2015

FINAL NIGHT of the PRP Tour - Asylum 2, Birmingham




23rd January 2015

Paul Raymond Project tonight at The Cluney in Newcastle

Friday 23rd January 2015 - The Cluney, Newcastle
Saturday 24th January 2015 - Asylum 2, Birmingham




19th January 2015


Well, what a weekend we had! We drove through storm-force winds on the journey up to the first show in The Vine Bar Workington, then across the snow-dusted Pennines to a cold and icy Selby.

The good folks of Workington turned out in their droves to support local lads Mark Coles and Tony Steel and we were called back for a second encore, which was really appreciated.

We were joined in the audience in Selby by legendary UFO merchandiser Ms Kate Moore and though it was a much smaller gathering than the previous night it was more than compensated by their enthusiasm! Fun and frivolity carried on LONG into the night back at our hotel finishing off a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Next weekend will be the final 2 shows on 23 January in Newcastle at The Cluny (doors open 8pm - special guests Rusted Hero) and 24 January in Birmingham at Asylum 2 (doors open 7pm with special guests Voodoo Sioux). Come along and share in the fun with us - we are having a ball!

Some great photos posted on various facebook pages from the tour:


These are just a few names and links to so many who kindly shared their evening with us by posting - Also Rich Ward
at Classic Rock Photography | WEB


There are TWO MORE SHOWS TO ENJOY this coming week, so you still have chance to catch up with the tour:

Friday 23rd January 2015 - The Cluney, Newcastle
Saturday 24th January 2015 - Asylum 2, Birmingham




17th January 2015

TONIGHT: Saturday 17th January 2015 - Riverside Venue, Selby




16th January 2015

TONIGHT: Friday 16th January 2015 - Vine Bar, Workington





15th January 2015

TOMORROW: Friday 16th January 2015 - Vine Bar, Workington

Saturday 17th January 2015 - Riverside Venue, Selby
Friday 23rd January 2015 - The Cluney, Newcastle
Saturday 24th January 2015 - Asylum 2, Birmingham



Photos copyright 2015 - Classic Rock Photography | WEB - Thanks to Rich Ward at Classic Rock Photography




12th January 2015



Paul Raymond Project show - Newcastle.
We regret to inform you that the show originally scheduled for the O2 Academy 2 in Newcastle on 23rd January has been CANCELLED due to circumstances beyond our control.
We did everything we could to keep it on track but unfortunately it was not to be. The promoter has informed me that anyone who has purchased tickets will get a full refund at point of sale, so either from the O2 Academy or from the ticket agency you used.

The GOOD NEWS is we have been able to find an alternative venue on the same night - the show will now go ahead at THE CLUNY - original tickets will NOT be valid and our special guests for the night will now be RUSTED HERO. Black Rose and Maiden England will no longer be supporting.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday 13th Jan) at £10 plus booking fee (£11.25) or on the door at £12.

We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused but have worked hard to find an alternative venue at the 11th hour.
Please share this info with anyone you know was going or might be thinking of going.

Hope to see you there!


Friday 16th January 2015 - Vine Bar, Workington
Saturday 17th January 2015 - Riverside Venue, Selby
Friday 23rd January 2015 - The Cluney, Newcastle
Saturday 24th January 2015 - Asylum 2, Birmingham




11th January 2015

What an amazing show at The Borderline in London on Friday. A club associated with so much rock history was the venue for the Paul Raymond Project (prp). A well turned out and enthsiastic audience seemed to love the song selection and it was clear that there were so many UFO supporters, judging by the response of the six UFO numbers played - PRP didn't disappoint with seventeen songs ranging across Paul Raymonds past 50 years in the music business

The band kicked off with one of my personal favourite tracks, 'Just another Suicide' from the great 'Lights Out' album. Right from the off, it was clear that Paul has got himself a great bunch of Musicians and is proud to include them in his group "PRP".

Fronting the band was Andy Dodds, who's stage presence was impressive, chatting to the crowd, interacting well with Paul and other band members - his singing was amazing and handled the UFO numbers with ease.

The rhythm section was tight and consists of Mark Coles on Bass and Tony Steel on drums - they really were a powerhouse and backbone of this band. Mark playing a white Firebird bass was animated throughout, oozing with energy.

Tony Steele also performed with the support band 'Hammerhead' and his drumming is really very impressive.

On lead guitar was Dave Burn, a multi-talented instrumentalist who has 15 solo albums to his name. Playing a white Flying V guitar, Dave shone with amazing solos and rhythm work. His vibrato playing is simply stunning.


Then the man that we all came to see, Mr. Paul Raymond - For everyone who has seen Paul perform over the past decades, knows that he handles the keys and guitar with such ease and professionalism. For me it was great to see Paul sing, and for those of you who has Pauls latest album 'REWIND 50' will know that he has an excellent set of pipes on him. Smiling throughout the set, it was clear that Paul was relaxed and thoroughly enjoying himself. I loved the way that Paul interacted with the crowd and told us about certain songs that were being performed.

It was great to see that the set started with a UFO track and the crowd loved the closing number "Lettin' Go". 'Love to Love' was simply stunning and Paul introduced the song by saying that although he didn't write it, he was there when it was invented. What an amazing moment that must have been.

Highlights, although difficult to choose were the six UFO songs, 'Michael Caine' and 'Terms & Conditions'.


For anyone who is planning to go to the remaining shows, you must go and experience a great night out. ROCK at its best.

A great performance by a great band, hopefully PRP will plan to go out again on the road once Paul completes the world tour with UFO. Lots to look forward to.

Friday 16th January 2015 - Vine Bar, Workington
Saturday 17th January 2015 - Riverside Venue, Selby
Friday 23rd January 2015 - The Cluney, Newcastle
Saturday 24th January 2015 - Asylum 2, Birmingham


If you have ny photo's or video links, please e-mail me and I will post them on this page




9th January 2015

TODAY: The Borderline, London

7:00 pm | 10:30 pm curfew

Paul Raymond, long-serving keyboardist and rhythm guitarist of British rock legends UFO is putting a brand new line-up of his own band, Paul Raymond Project featuring Newcastle-born lead guitarist Dave Burn on the road in the UK in January.

Paul is celebrating 50 years as a professional musician by releasing his new album Rewind 50 which is a retrospective of his songwriting with various bands spanning his 50 year career.  The live set will include both classic and lesser known songs from his time in bands such as UFO, Michael Schenker Group and Waysted alongside his solo work.

Paul said :

“I’d like to stress that this is first and foremost my solo band, playing my own material, but I’d be doing fans a huge disservice if I didn’t throw in some of their favourites from the UFO/MSG back catalogue.  There’ll be a few surprises in there too, ones never heard in a UFO set, plus some of my original demos for UFO songs that fans may recognise in a slightly different form.  All in all, I think there will be something for everyone in there, and I’m excited to be bringing my material to a live audience again.”



Friday 16th January 2015 - Vine Bar, Workington
Saturday 17th January 2015 - Riverside Venue, Selby
Friday 23rd January 2015 - 02 Academy 2, Newcastle
Saturday 24th January 2015 - Asylum 2, Birmingham




8th January 2015

TODAY: First date of the tour - The Fleece, Bristol

PRP kick off their tour tonight in Bristol, UK

Thursday 8th January 2015 - The Fleece, Bristol
Friday 9th January 2015 - The Borderline, London
Friday 16th January 2015 - Vine Bar, Workington
Saturday 17th January 2015 - Riverside Venue, Selby
Friday 23rd January 2015 - 02 Academy 2, Newcastle
Saturday 24th January 2015 - Asylum 2, Birmingham



Doors open at 7.30pm


Special Guests: Bombshell






5th January 2015

Planet Rock Breakfast show with Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony is running a competition to give away a signed copy of Paul's new album, Rewind 50 every day this week on the Planet Rock breakfast show. Paul Anthony has also been advertising the tour dates starting on Thursday 8th January 2015 - The Fleece, Bristol
Friday 9th January 2015 - The Borderline, London
Friday 16th January 2015 - Vine Bar, Workington
Saturday 17th January 2015 - Riverside Venue, Selby
Friday 23rd January 2015 - 02 Academy 2, Newcastle
Saturday 24th January 2015 - Asylum 2, Birmingham

I note that on the Planet Rock playlist, the following tracks were played this morning:
7:27am - Rock Bottom
10:21am - Cry for the Nations

You can listen to the show at

TUNE IN tomorrow for a chance to win a signed copy of Rewind 50





4th January 2015





3rd January 2015

Starting this Thursday 8th January in Bristol - See dates above

For NEWS and updates, visit: Official Paul Raymond | Official Facebook page




December 2014


29th December 2014


PRP rehearsals went fantastically well yesterday - even though the guys had to drive from far and wide through freezing conditions to get there. It's really coming together and sounding GREAT! Looking forward to final rehearsals at the weekend then the first couple of shows at The Fleece, in Bristol on 8 January and The Borderline in London on 9 January - who's coming along? — with Andy Dodds, Tony Steel, Dave Burn and Mark Coles.




24th December 2014




17th December 2014




15th December 2014





13th December 2014


We have just embarked on our first rehearsals for the UK tour dates today. Hope you can come along to one of the shows.




8th December 2014




3rd December 2014

First Review of REWIND 50

Paul Raymond has been supplying rock with style, class, and sophistication for nigh on fifty years, and with Rewind 50 he takes a loving look back on what he's delivered. It's a tasty take on a lot of great music that is a great joy to hear.

There are a few classics on tap that you'll know, but there's also a lot of chestnuts that will fill in some blanks, and some that will even further enlighten you to his great career with such rock stalwarts as UFO, MSG, Waysted, Savoy Brown, Chicken Shack, and even a never before heard Terry Reid song which is worth the price of admission alone for any true lover of rock.

The best parts of this record are the quality of the songwriting, and Raymond's gruff but soulfully sweet vocals. You can hear remnants of forty years next to Phil Mogg, and there's a large dose of classic British soul lurking in his smokey smooth voice. He's joined by some of the same mates that helped him record 2012's excellent Terms & Conditions album (See review here), and they provide more than competent support. This is one of 2014's more pleasant surprises.

One of the things I like best about Raymond's solo work is the fact that within it you can hear a lot of the musicianship that has made UFO and the Michael Schenker Group such classic bands over the last four decades in the twists and turns of the tunes.

'Unfinished Business' will be familiar to UFO fans, as it appeared on their last studio outing Seven Deadly under the title 'The Fear'. This is a bluesier take on the number, and Raymond's vocal is the highlight here. A throbbing bass line and fat backbeat keep it moving, and the tremolo guitars give the blues a slight David Lynch feel of darkness. A nice guitar solo by Andy Simmons, and some sweet uncredited harp blowing as well.

Another recent UFO track, 'Sympathy' is a great example of the sheen of class that Paul brings to the venerated institution he's been with since 1976. Raymond's keyboards and vocals move this one down the highway, and especially noteworthy is his skill as a lyricist - you'd never know that this wasn't a Phil Mogg penned song, and that says a lot, given that Mr. Mogg has long been one of hard rock's most underrated writers.

Next up is 'Scream Blue Murder', a tune that first turned up on the Paul Raymond Project's Man On A Mission album from 1998. A vampire's tale, you can hear the traces of where he's been musically, and it's another well written rocker. Pop metal of the highest order, this is sophisticated  and strutting. A nice stinging solo from guitarist Dave Burn, and some great stick work from drummer Tony Steel.

When the piano kicks of 'Welcome To The Real World', you'll have no question as to who's playing, but this is a tune which is only now seeing daylight, and we could only hope there's more lying in a notebook somewhere in Raymond's closet. This could be a long lost UFO/MSG classic without question. If this doesn't make you ache for the classic UFO lineup, you're out of your damned mind. A very, very good tune, and Raymond sings it brilliantly.

Raymond revisits his stay in Waysted with the power pop-ish 'All Belongs To You', a tune that wouldn't sound out of place on a Cheap Trick album. Chunky chord guitar rock with gobs of melody, this is a nostalgic look at a time that is chock full of great musical memories. Simmons plays loads of great lead guitar on this one.

Terry Reid. 'The Sky And You' is the first unheard Reid tune since I don't know when, but it's a great one. This actually brings tears of joy to my eyes, and if you know Terry Reid you'll know exactly why, and if you don't then I can't help you. This one is from a project that never grew legs, and that's a shame, as the combination of Raymond and Reid could only have been magic. Raymond's vocals are worthy, and that says a tremendous amount, especially given that Mr. Reid was originally pegged by Page for Zeppelin, and then pegged by Blackmore for Deep Purple. One of rock's greatest singers and writers, new Reid music should be huge news.

'Never Trust A Stranger' may be Paul Raymond's best known composition, coming from MSG's second album. It's given a bit of a Rod & Faces treatment here, and it suits the tune quite well. It's nice to finally hear Raymond sing his own words - he's a great singer and you can hear his heart in every line.

Going back to 1978 and UFO's Obsession album, 'Lookin' Out For No. 1' is another well known classic, and again Raymond recreates the song in a way that is familiar without aping his day job band's arrangement.

'Twice Nightly' busts out with a nicely jangling acoustic guitar and some sweet guitar harmonies before the rollicking piano rock kicks in, and this is right up The Faces' alley - some chunky rhythm guitar that would do Wood proud sets things up for the honky tonk piano, and swaggering vocals. This sounds like another lost closet classic, and Raymond's writing chops are on full display. Great barroom lyrics to boot, a dancer not ideally built  for ballet.

The Lowell Fulson classic 'Reconsider Baby' gets the treatment in Brit blues manner, and it shows yet another side of Raymond's long career, this time via Stan Webb's Chicken Shack back in 1969. Those were the days my friends. A spirited revisitation, indeed.

Psychedelic pop? Sure - Raymond originally cut his teeth on jazz, then he moved on to the Beatles-esque Plastic Penny in 1968, and you'll hear clear echoes of McCartney, and some Jeff Lynne on 'Waiting', as well. I'd love a whole album of well crafted pop such as this - this sounds like what a young Andy Partridge may have cut his teeth on. This is glorious, beautiful, and a great trip into the distant past. Tasty, tasty, tasty.

'Bye Bye Baby' is the hardest rocking number to be found hear, and you'd never know it was a Motown tune if you didn't know it - originally written and recorded by Mary Wells, this is a great cover as originally crafted by Tony Jackson and the Vibrations, Raymond's first experience in the British top 20 back in 1964, giving a beginning to Paul's fifty years in rock. This is a rocking arrangement that could have been written yesterday. Another great vocal from a guy who has spent his life supporting great singers.

Paul Raymond has certainly done himself proud on Rewind 50 - it can't always be easy to sing songs that have been sung by such great singers, and to somewhat reclaim his compositions as he looks back over fifty years of writing, singing, and playing, but he's done an admirable job to say the least. My only hope is thatches' nowhere near done, and that we have much more to look forward to in the future.  

© Tony Connley, all rights reserved



November 2014

25th November 2014




20th November 2014

Record Company Press Release

SPV/Steamhammer => UFO announce new album...

...and tour for 2015!





18th November 2014

SPV announce that the New UFO album is named "A Conspiracy of Stars"

and release date will be 23rd February 2015




16th November 2014

Happy Birthday Paul Raymond




7th November 2014


Paul Raymond is about to have an interesting and busy start to 2015

Paul is planning a solo album titled 'Rewind 50', which is an retrospective celebrating Paul's 50 years as a professional musician; revisiting songs that have been written, co-written, collaborated or recorded with various bands that Paul has been part of over the past 50 years. Fans are invited to get involved in the album release: Get Involved with Rewind 50

Paul has announced a new PRP (Paul Raymond Project) line-up with a planned UK tour in January 2015.
Andy Dodds (lead vocals, backing vocals) - Paul Raymond (keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals & lead vocals)
Dave Burn (lead guitar) - Mark Coles (bass guitar & backing vocals) - Tony Steel (drums & backing vocals)

For NEWS and updates, visit: Official Paul Raymond | Official Facebook page | Get Involved with Rewind 50



6th November 2014






3rd November 2014

New PRP Line-up announced

vai Paul's facebook page

L-R: Tony Steel (drums & backing vocals) Paul Raymond (keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals & lead vocals), Mark Coles (bass guitar & backing vocals), Dave Burn (lead guitar),
Andy Dodds (lead vocals, backing vocals)



SPV Press Release

During the world tour for the album "You Are Here" UFO filmed a concert in May 2005 at the Pumpwerk Wilhelmshaven in Germany. Now "Showtime" will be released for the first time as Blu-ray incl. a fantastic acoustic session which was recorded at the Peppermint Park Studios in Hannover, Germany. More bonus material, like making of and history interviews, is also included and you can see the last performances with the band of Drummer Jason Bonham, the son of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, and Pete Way who had to leave the band due to health reasons soon after.

Blu-ray will be released in Germany on November 28th 2014, in Europe on December 1st 2014 and in the USA on January 20th 2015. |



October 2014

25th October 2014




22nd October 2014


Considering putting together another PRP line-up for some live shows in the UK early in the new year..... possible venue ideas guys? Not 100% decided yet.... down to you to persuade me it's a good idea :-)




13th October 2014


Paul posted on his FB page:

"Back to the studio on Monday for some final tweaking to vocals and back-ups, then the new UFO album will be ready for mixing. I'm feeling really good about this one, if the rough mixes are anything to go by, it will have a whole different feel from the last few".

This and other news, visit Official Paul Raymond website



4th October 2014


PAUL Working on some new versions of old songs spanning my 50 year musical career. It was originally going to be an EP, but I though, what the hell, I may as well go the whole 9 yards and make it a full album. There will be re-works of some familiar songs and some previously unpublished works from my time with Plastic Penny, Savoy Brown, Terry Reid and UFO



September 2014

23rd September 2014

Paul has also posted news on his Official Paul Raymond website, announcing from his FB page:

"My website will FINALLY be getting its revamp over the next few weeks! I'll have a lot more time to focus on the details once I finish up recording my parts on the new UFO album. Thank you for your input earlier on in the year - you gave me some valuable insight into what sort of content you wanted to see and I have taken it all on board."...
... "More updates to the website: My discography page is back up and as requested, I am putting some notes about my memories of each album. I've covered 1968-1980 up to and including UFO's No Place to Run album. 1981 onwards will have to wait for another day. It's still a work in progress, but feel free to check out what has been done so far:"

I must say, it's all looking really good and a wonderful insight on the historical events of the band. Cheers Paul.


Album recording entries on his FaceBook page, starting today:

"Had a really good day in the studio today. Phil has been working really hard on the lyrics and I have been adding some backing vocals and rhythm guitar on the song I wrote. Think this is going to be a good one folks!"

Prior to this dated 19th September: "I have been summoned back to the studio early next week to put finishing touches to keyboards and backing vocals. It will be really interesting to hear the songs with vocals and lead guitars for the first time!"






9th September 2014


Entry posted by Paul Raymond on his facebook page




4th September 2014


Paul Raymond recording Keys for the upcoming UFO album with producer Chris Tsangarides

Paul Raymond posted on his facebook page:

"Recording keyboards for the new UFO album with producer Chris Tsangarides.
We are in good hands with Chris, he is a great guy with a fantastic production pedigree.
Really looking forward to hear all the songs come together. Next up in the studio is Phil"


August 2014

24th August 2014


Paul posted on his facebook page today




18th August 2014


Paul posted on his facebook page today


June 2014

29th June 2014

Paul Raymond and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith at Calling Festival - Paul's facebook page


May 2014

19th May 2014


April 2014

19th April 2014


SLAGBANK had very special guests at The Vine Bar, Workington on Saturday

UFO's Paul Raymond

Fans of the Paul Raymond Project recording "Terms and Conditions Apply" saw Paul perform with
Mark Coles and Tony Steel (three quarters of the recording line-up)

Andy Dodds – (vocals) - Mark Coles (bass) - Paul Raymond - Dave Burn (guitar)

Buzz Elliott (guitar) - Tony Steel (drums)

Paul was invited up on stage as Special Guest of band Slagbank, (Mark Coles, Buzz Elliott and Tony Steel)
They, along with other special guest musicians, Dave Burn on guitar and Andy Dodds on vocals
performed a ten song set of UFO songs:

Love the inclusion of 'Just Another Suicide' and 'Try Me'


Paul Raymond and Dave Burn on guitar - photo ©2014 Yvonne Light


Great Shots from Kath Goodwin - photo's ©2014


Above 5 photo's - Dez Zonked - photo's ©2014

March 2014

17th March 2014

UFO Spring Tour Page 2014

February 2014

24th February 2014

10 years ago today

24th February 2004 Rehearsals in Birmingham UK - READ REHEARSAL REPORT/PHOTOS

7th February 2014


Extract from metaltalk: "UFO keyboardist and guitarist Paul Raymond has made public a newly recorded piano version of the classic track 'Love To Love' which originally appeared on the UFO album 'Lights Out' from 1977...

... a version of the Derek & the Dominoes classic 'Layla' can also be seen on Paul's official YouTube channel with more recordings from that day to hopefully be uploaded soon" READ MORE

October 2013



PAUL RAYMOND - Karen Schlottach - ©photo's 2013


UFO at Rockpile West - Toronto - Canada - photo ©2013


Couple of Concert album photo's from Sundays show at the Starland Ballroom:

VIEW ALL PHOTOS in large format

photo's GoLightly Photography ©2013 | Website

4th October 2013

First Night of the UFO Tour kicks off today

Follow the band by visiting the USA/CANADA 2013 TOUR page

The TOUR PAGE will be updated with News, Photo's & Reviews


TONIGHT: 4th October - The Chance - Poughkeepsie - NY - USA

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca

June 2013


6th June - Germany - Lübeck - Werkhof
7th June - Sweden - Sweden Rock Festival

8th June - Germany - Rostock - Alte Zuckerfabrik
9th June - Germany - Würzburg - Posthalle
11th June - Germany - Darmstadt - Steinbruchtheater

12th June - Belgium - Verviers - Spirit of 66
13th June - Germany - Siegburg - Kubana
15th June - England - Download Festival

Please note that if you see dates listed elsewhere
they are not finalised until they appear on the Official UFO website


Sweden Rock Festival


Paul Raymond at Sweden Rock Festival - ©photo 2013



Rob De Luca and Paul Raymond at Swedens Rock Festival


May 2013

11th May 2013

11th May - Brazil - Sao Paulo - Carioca Club
12th May - Brazil - Porto Alegre  - Teatro CIEE

14th May - Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Teatro Odisseia
16th May - Brazil - Goiania - Bolshoi




April 2013


April 20 – Monroes Bar @ Carnegie Arts Centre, Workington
Box office: 01900 602122

April 21 – The Railway Venue, Bolton
Box office: 01204 306 450

8th April 2013

Reminder in just under two weeks

April 20 – Monroes Bar
@ Carnegie Arts Centre, Workington
Box office: 01900 602122
April 21 – The Railway Venue,
Box office: 01204 306 450


Paul has updated his cover photo on facebook

Left to right: Rob Wolverson - Neil Ablard - Andy Dodds - Reuben Archer - Paul Raymond - Mark Coles

©2013 Paul Raymond facebook page


7th April 2013



April 20 – Monroes Bar @ Carnegie Arts Centre, Workington
Box office: 01900 602122

April 21 – The Railway Venue, Bolton
Box office: 01204 306 450


Interesting photo posted by Paul on his facebook page

Gene Vincent with "The Hot Rods", the first band that Paul ever played in.

The picture was taken in 1961 at Redhill Market Hall where Paul and his band, 'The Hot Rods' were supporting Gene Vincent (pictured centre)

photo © Paul Raymond facebook page



March 2013

15th March 2013

Paul Raymond Project
Terms & Conditions Apply
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 14 March 2013, 4:44 PM

So why am I only hearing this now? Damn that is frustrating, probably my ears aren’t big enough if I haven’t listened to a single thing, until now, that is remotely connected to the solo career of UFO’s keyboardist / rhythm guitarist, Paul Raymond. I would say shame on me for not looking as I have been a UFO fan for a long time. It seems that this PAUL RAYMOND PROJECT has been up since 1989, wow that is a long time, and now this project is out with a fourth album named “Terms & Conditions Apply”, via Cherry Red Records. It might appear to be an awkward name, not something that will settle easy on the lips, but who cares really? It sounds fabulous, but if you have been tracking my reviews, you know that I will also have that crumb of a problem. So right before listening to this release I made sure that I put the V on all the terms and conditions of the releases, and I was good to go (It was just a humorous jargon, so let me feel that smirk on your faces)...






Paul on stage in France - Currently on tour in Europe with UFO

High Resolution Concert Photo's submitted by Nikolas ERNULT, Photographe Freelance in Bordeaux, France | VIEW SET




GERMAN REVIEW - Translated from German into English:

One would hardly have expected - and I even less - that just brings out the best keyboardist of rock and roll album of his present and past environment. Okay, Paul Raymond is undoubtedly one of the most important keys Men in the music arena. The importance of a Jon Lord - did not deny, is Paul Raymond of UFO and MSG - and in some ways also a Don Airey - for DEEP PURPLE and WHITESNAKE - or, in Aireys case for RAINBOW.
The list, with songs that draw on his contributions is endless, but here is representative only his piano intro to the classic UFO Doctor Doctor called. No hard-rock fan who would not that tattooed on the first listen to his heart.

In addition to his left-handedness - what is the stage always good - is another, and perhaps the biggest advantage of Raymond that he knows how to the guitar very passable and as always on time leaves his keys when it just has to rock only. Besides UFO and MSG was always time to go into other projects and if nothing at all, then went to the keyboardist / guitarist went on solo albums, which then simply ran under his name, or as a "Project".

The latter is again the namesake for his recently released disc and delighted me almost from the very start.
Riff-driven rock in the best 70s-style. Since a lot of peeps out glam-rock and boogie. I have since instantly on SWEET, to Rod Stewart, and especially to its former key Hämmerer Ian McLagan, think if Paul. With Born & Raised On Rock'n'Roll an anthem for, well let's say, before 1970 delivers babies Geiler entry!
The second song, End Of Life As We Know It, you're so close to UFO off as well just go. And Paul sings everything himself to the times to make it clear! Well, if you decades Phil Mogg had organ in the ear ... Sounds pretty damn good anyway and would have made the most slices of Mogg, Way, Schenker and Co. a really good figure. This sound is also really good. Nice for the solo Michael Schenker would have ignited an additional sparkler.
Perhaps Raymond is also limited in order to write more complex songs, but if that were so, I kneel down and thank the Lord! Even Deeper Shade Of Blue wallows so absolutely gorgeous in the 70s sound and garments that you think almost, the song might seem 45er single. Cool riffs, rhythm and straighter but intelligent instrumentation.

Since nothing is overproduced and yet does everything together perfectly, Raymond has a very good solo voice, the riffs are meaty, the melodies go into the ear, the songs are great and made the sound simply great. What more could you want?

Perhaps as a grand piano ballad like We Will Be Strong? An anthem that would have a certain "royal band" looked good at any stage of their career to face. Then I'd give, now, I will not separate myself from the same limbs, but good stuff, I could hear this song sung by Blessed Freddie Mercury. The Brian May solo is moderate because almost overkill.

In principle there is no loss on this album. One or the other song does not jump immediately into the ear, but in the end when everything is pretty good. Sometimes modern, as in instrumental Whiskey Mac, times almost pop, as in Bright Lights, or simply classic, when in Reach Out (I'll Be There Raymond's old band mate Michael Schenker with the strings and uses the old FOUR TOPS Evergreen the Hard rock shoes attracts. Had's maybe not needed, but makes somewhere fun.

The second guest acts Reuben Archer, who was already Blazed in bands like the WILD HORSES (as well as romped Jimmy Bain and Brian Robertson) and the slow ballad Love Is Blind delivers one decent idea.
Why new discs are the same with "bonus tracks" feature, lets you explain elsewhere, but there are three pieces. Still The Same is a mid-tempo riff rocker with balladesque midsection, Drifting Apart is almost a little corner in the country rocks and Partners In Crime in best 70s style. Since you can almost call who you want. That could almost every hard rock band from that decade are sponsored.

What is perhaps anließ as cheerful pastime for Paul Raymond, turns out to be a perfect pastime for all those who are called bands elicit at least a careful lift of the eyebrows. The first highlight of the year.

Epi Schmidt, (article), 04.03.2013




SATURDAY 9th March, Lakeland Radio, playlisted UFO's new single 'Wonderland' which was followed

by an interesting interview recorded during the UK tour with Paul Raymond


JB has posted an Interview with Paul, backstage after the UK show at 53 degrees in Preston

Paul chats about the choice of set list songs, and future set list - Time for a change? along with

the May Tour and touches briefly on his new album, Terms and Conditions Apply




TONIGHT: 8th March

Paul is touring with UFO with the first night of the UK tour at the Sala Arena  - Madrid - Spain

Follow the tour HERE

or via Pauls facebook page





4/5 Concert Review from London



Paul Raymond

photo © Noel Buckley Images 2013 | All rights reserved | Noel Buckley Images


...UFO entertained their fans mostly playing old hits like Let It Roll or Love to Love, but also aired tunes from their most recent album Seven Deadly, which mixes heavier riffs with more melodic pieces.

The group saved the best for last with Rock Bottom, the last song before the encore, which featured Doctor Doctor and Shout Shout – both iconic records from their heyday. UFO have most certainly still got it!

 Verdict: •••• ©2013






03.03.03 - Paul on stage with UFO - Birmingham

Thanks go to Stephen Turner at Stephen Turner Photography - ©2013 All rights reserved




Rich Davenport's Rock Show this week (Sunday 3rd March 15:00-17:00 GMT, repeated Monday 4th March 02:00-04:00 GMT on featured exclusive interviews with Stratovarius, Paul Raymond, The Outlaws and Grand Magus, and is available now for streaming at this link

And in the second hour UFO keyboard player Paul Raymond talks about the new Paul Raymond Project album "Terms and Conditions Apply", and Grand Magus bassist Fox drops in to report on the band's current European tour, and the reaction to their new album "The Hunt"

The show also features classic tracks and killer new cuts from Saxon, UFO, Diamond Dawn, Rush, Girlschool, Rainbow & Wild Horses.


Rich Davenport has posted on Paul's facebook page:

"Thanks for sharing guys! There are 3 songs (Paul's choice) from his new solo album Terms & Conditions Apply on the show too, plus the new UFO single (main song and live B side)"


February 2013


27th February 2013

Paul has announced two more concert dates, this posted on Paul's facebook page:

Afternoon! Well, we asked where you wanted to see PRP live and you answered - we're pleased to be able to announce a weekender of shows to the UK schedule. These will be:

April 20 – Monroes Bar @ Carnegie Arts Centre, Workington
Box office: 01900 602122

April 21 – The Railway Venue, Bolton
Box office: 01204 306 450

We love to make things happen if and when possible and are still looking to schedule more shows in other parts of the country, so keep an eye out for updates. Right, back to the day-job: UFO in Holmfirth tomorrow! Catch you later!



Catch Paul on Tour - You WILL NOT be dissapointed




21st February 2013

Catch Paul on the UFO UK Tour, starting today

VIEW UK 2013 TOUR PAGE - Will be updated during the tour

21st February - England - Bath - Komedia
22nd February - England - Bournemouth - Academy
23rd February - England - Portsmouth  - The Pyramids
24th February - England - Oxford - Academy
26th February - Wales - Cardiff  - Coal Exchange
28th February - England - Holmfirth  - Picturedrome
1st March - Scotland  - Glasgow - ABC
2nd March - England - Preston - 53 Degrees
3rd March - England - Birmingham - Institute
5th March - England - London  - Forum





6th February 2013

INTERVIEW with Paul by Marcin Rybacki

What was it that made you go into the studio and record the album? What gets you inspired these days?
The album grew over around 3 years. Andy submitted a demo of his ideas to me and I had a few ideas of my own which were unsuitable for UFO – then we brought the Northern lads on board and it all came together.

How long did it take to lay down the album and how did the recording process look like?
The album took 3 years to complete as Andy had moved up to Scotland and I was touring with UFO in between, so we just had to do what we could when we found the time.

You gathered some fab musicians on this record and it's collaboration with Andy Simmons. How does the writing chemistry between you guys work?
Andy and I are musically on the same page – he always knows exactly what to play and I am inspired by his music. His orchestration is really great

... and how does it differ from what you normally do in UFO when it comes to writing new stuff?
I can write in whatever style I want with PRP, but with UFO I always have to keep in mind Phil’s vocal style and UFO’s musical history, so it is quite liberating!

The album kicks off with 'Born & Raised on Rock’n’Roll' which has a killer riff and catchy melody. Can the lyrics be treated as rocker's creed?
I try not to think about it too much, but I guess if it works as a rocker’s creed I’m happy to accept it!  This song actually started life sounding like a Buddy Holly song, but I managed to bring it more up to date!

The album sounds more rounded than 'Virtual Insanity'. Was it a conscious attempt to squeeze the fatter, more spacious sound than on your previous effort?
It wasn’t a conscious attempt, but I guess as recording equipment gets more sophisticated it is bound to have an impact on the sound. Andy and I have also improved as engineers as time has gone by!

Are you going to take the album on the road? I know about the London show, but the audiences abroad would definitely want to see you as well.
The logistics of putting a band on the road, especially without a well known name like UFO behind it is challenging. UFO is of course my first priority, but you never know – more UK dates may be possible, we’ll see how the London gig goes.

'End of Life as We Know' is your nod to MSG. You invited Michael to play on 'Reach Out'. How's Michael these days and what inspired you to write 'End of Life...'? Why did you choose 'Reach Out' for the album?
Michael seems to be very well these days, although we are not in regular contact – I asked him if he would guest on the London show, but unfortunately he is in the recording studio in Germany at the moment. A close friend of mine inspired the lyrics, of End of Life as We Know It he was in a very lonely place for a while and feeling very down, also reading Ozzy Osborne’s autobiography about his school days and how teachers said he would never make anything of his life. Funny where the inspiration comes from sometimes!
Reach Out is a strange song, and not one that would immediately spring to mind to cover. It’s always a challenge to me to reinvent a song and recreate it in a completely different genre. I am a rhythm guitarist and I think in riffs all the time – putting riffs into that song made it interesting for me. It’s turned out to be the “Marmite” song of the album – people either love it or hate it!

'The Deeper Shade of Blue' is a very nice boogie. How did that come about? It reminds me of 'No Place to Run/The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent' UFO period very much...
This was inspired mainly by “Cherry” off the Obsession album – and I originally had this earmarked for a UFO demo, but as I added lyrics it turned into a bit of an epic – so I kept it. Lyrically, this is about a very close friend of mine who passed away a couple of years ago – it is reminiscing about the fun and good times we shared many moons ago.

Both on Terms & Conditions and Virtual Insanity there are some apt comments on the state of things as far as state of the society is concerned. You seem to be a very ubiquitous observer. What are those things in our society which you don't approve of?
I like to find different subjects to write about, it gets boring just writing about love and relationships. The state of the economy dominated the news, so it was in the forefront of my mind. The lyrics for Terms and Conditions were written in around 30 minutes. It’s not that I don’t approve of certain aspects of society, I just find them interesting to write about.

In your opinion, how has the digital age and the Internet altered the music scene?
It has made a huge difference –  it is easier to make good quality demos, music can be shared and worked on between musicians who are not in close proximity,  it has also allowed amateur musicians to have much greater exposure for their music via youtube and myspace etc
How would you describe Terms & Conditions in three words?
Melodic, Diverse, Powerful!

'C-List Celebrity' is your brilliant attempt to have a say about the rat race to stardom and the little amount of real artistry in such a desire. Anyone particular in mind you had in here?
Nobody in particular, it was just a comment on TV programmes such as “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” and “Big Brother” etc and their insatiable desire to be featured in OK magazine doing something not particularly interesting!!!!

Your blues roots seem to permeate UFO now more than ever. Of course you guys don't abstain from your trademark hard rock. I love the way the band naturally progresses. How much do you contribute to this bluesy side of UFO?
Actually the blues direction UFO has taken is primarily Phil’s influence. Of course it fits in nicely with my musical history with Savoy Brown and Chicken Shack, but Vinnie and I have fitted around Phil’s ideas.

'We Will Be Strong' has a very much Queenesque leanings to it. Are you a fan?
Yes, of course! I had the chorus to this song written many years ago. I came up with a new verse, but I thought it was a bit “Andrew Lloyd Webber”  Andy Simmons insisted that it was cool, and he added his magic touches on the six-string.

On both Terms & Conditions Apply and Virtual Insanity fans can find two guitar-driven instrumentals, which are great btw. Have you ever considered recording an instrumental album?
No – I am no Vinnie Moore!!!

What keeps you in shape these days? You're a volcano of energy on stage, you sing backing vocals, play the keyboards and the guitar of course, and your voice hasn't changed much since say,' Man on The Mission'. Apart from that, you always have time for mates and fans backstage. What keeps you in shape?
My voice HAS changed since Man on a Mission – that’s why I’m not singing lead vocals in the live show. Even Reuben has had problems singing some of the songs from that era. I guess what keeps me going is that I just love what I do.

Apart from playing music, what are your interests?
Watching cricket and recently helping my daughter record her first demo. She is a really great singer (in the mould of Avril Lavigne) Watch out for her name – Erika Raymond, a force to be reckoned with in the future I think.

Reuben Archer sings a wonderful ballad 'Love is Blind'. What made you pick Reuben for singing this tune?
Reuben’s daughter is my manager and so it seemed like a natural choice as Reuben and I go back many years.

How would you compare Andy's attitude and style of playing to Vinnie's ?
They are completely different as people and as musicians. Both have respect for one another, but I think Andy is more introspective and he expresses his emotions through his playing. Vinnie is technically brilliant and has a style all of his own.

Tell us something about your ‘Secret Life’ album. Not many people know you recorded it. Even I don't have it in my collection. Yet. From the samples on your website I heard it's something quite different musically to what you normally do, nevertheless immensely interesting...
I don’t think I even have a copy of that CD anymore! It was something that I needed to do at the time, go back to my jazz roots and reinvent some old songs from the 1930s and 1940s, I think Rod Stewart sparked my interest when he did his American Songbook album. I also grew up with that music, so it was natural for me to gravitate back to it.

What made you use accordion sample in 'Bright Lights'? It sounds monster, and gives it all a kind of American zydeco vibe.
This song ended up with a John Mellencamp vibe to it, so it fitted nicely with the feel of the track. How do you know I didn’t play the accordion!!!

One last off the cuff question, how did ‘Michael Caine’ off the Virtual Insanity album come about? I just love this track.
This is one of Andy Simmons songs that I came up with lyrics for. I was watching “California Suite” starring Michael Caine and Maggie Smith – the scene where they are flying to Hollywood as Maggie Smith’s character has been nominated for an Oscar. I then got to thinking about all the great movies he had been in and it just went from there.
You've travelled the world far and wide. Any particular place you really fell in love with? Any fond memories of Poland?
The USA has always had a special place in my heart, particularly LA as I lived there for a while and my daughter still lives in California. More recently Brazil made a big impact on me, the fans went crazy for UFO and made us feel very welcome.
Our visits to Poland have been very brief and infrequent – not enough time to get to know the country very well, but hopefully we will be back in the near future.

Marcin also reviewed the PRP album 'Terms and Conditions Apply', you can read this below (20th December 2012 entry)





5th February 2013

A couple of Great Reviews here, one being 10/10

Paul Raymond Project – Terms And Conditions Apply (Hear No Evil)

Genre: Classic Rock

Imagine an album that mixes Tom Petty with Elton John, Rod Stewart with Jon Bon Jovi and even throws in some (genuine) Michael Schenker for good measure?

Terms And Conditions Apply is that record. Former UFO man Paul Raymond might be synonymous with hot and heavy riffs and luscious licks but it’s the vocals that are genuinely affecting here.

Emotion and enthusiasm are the primary traits underpinning a fantastic collection of classic rock gold with the Petty-esque End Of Life As We Know It and the Elton-meets-Queen pzazz of We Will Be Strong the stunning highlights.

Each new track places a fresh emphasis on the raw talent coursing through the very heart of Terms And Conditions Apply and it’s an album that demands instant devotion.

Schenker’s cameo on a surprisingly effective cover of Reach Out (I’ll Be There) is the icing on a cake smothered in the sweet sound of Raymond at his mercurial best. Simon Rushworth

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Terms Of Endearment



Term & Conditions Apply Review




4th February 2013

READ REVIEW with Photos


Anorther review from Friday's Concert






3rd February 2013

A couple of photos from Fridays gig at the Borderline

photos ©2013




2nd February 2013

Paul Raymond Project live last night.

The Borderline was pretty full with a great buzz. PRP took to the stage with plenty of cheer and a great infectious old school toe-tapping rock set ensued. The band featured three great young musicians on bass, guitar (great player.from Stampede) and drums. Rueben Archer was on vocals, and although (he admitted) was a little hoarse and raspy, and stuggled with a few parts, he was aided by Andy Dobbs (?) on backing. Nevertheless, he did a good job and had that old school presence so many youngsters just don't have.

Raymond showed last night just how good a player and writer he is, and in my opinion, SHOULD be way more involved with UFO's recent writing, production and overall direction. Listening to his own songs (from old and new PRP records), its more than clear he played a big part in the classic UFO light/shade, hard/soft with angular riffs and time changes.

Treats: opened with UFO's JUST ANOTHER SUICIDE!! It sounded brilliant live. We also got from No Place To Run TAKE OR LEAVE IT, LOVE TO LOVE, DOCTOR DOCTOR. PRP proved that people DO want to hear more obscure UFO tracks live. UFO...take note. We also got some SAVOY BROWN thrown in.

I hope PRP do more gigs, as this was on the money for me, and dare I say it...I prefer PRPs Terms And Conditions Apply CD over the last three UFO CDs, and live they were just as entertaining.


Set List - Just in:

Thanks to the [s-i-t-n] yahoo group

UFO Songs: Just Another Suicide (LIGHTS OUT)

Out In The Street (FORCE IT)

Take It Or Leave It (NO PLACE TO RUN) - Paul on Vocals

Love to Love (LIGHTS OUT)

Doctor Doctor (PHENOMENON)





1st February 2013



January 2013


30th January 2013

A great interview with Paul from My Global Mind:





28th January 2013







22nd January 2013

Win 1 of 3 copies of The Paul Raymond Project


REMINDER of the Official Launch Album Show and Confirmed Special Guests: PIG IRON



Pig Iron are a bluesy, heavy rock band formed in London in 2001. Over their career the band have released an impressive catalogue of original material including an EP, four studio albums and a live album, and gathered some prestigious support slots with the likes of Iron Maiden, Ricky Warwick, Budgie, Waysted, Orange Goblin, whilst also cementing themselves as firm favourites on the rock festival circuit.

LISTEN // Paul Raymond Project - "Terms & Conditions Apply" Track Samples

Having just released new album IV to critical acclaim from UK rock press including being alluded to as ‘The Black Crowes if they came from Streatham’ by Metal Hammer, Pig Iron are looking forward to joining the bill on what promises to be a fantastic evening of new rock ‘n’ roll offerings from the Cherry Red Records imprint.





14th December 2012


L-R: Mark Coles (bass - PRP), Reuben Archer (vocals - Stampede), Paul Raymond (keys/guitar),
Neil Ablard (drums - The Dreaming Tree), Rob Wolverson (lead guitar - Stampede)





The Borderline, London - 1st February 2013



December 2012


20th December 2012


"The song 'TERMS AND CONDITIONS' was inspired by the banks collapsing in 2009. Andy Simmons sent me the music in 2009 and having been brainwashed by the news headlines, I wrote the whole thing in about half an hour. A rush of blood to the head as it were. They aren't all that easy I might add. The cover was a problem. I even consulted UFO's cover designer Tristan Greatrex. He eventually came up with some ideas but finally my original idea of the guy checking into a posh hotel. Seeing the lady. Thinking. Very nice but Terms and conditions apply. i.e. How much will it cost me? Andy Simmons drew it. My wife was the leg model. No high heels clicking at the end of Partners In Crime. Just footsteps walking to a cell and the door slamming. You're nicked mate!" - Paul Raymond

I have been a UFO fan for a long time and do not even try to concede that fact. 'Terms & Conditions Apply', the sixth solo offering from Paul Raymond does nothing to alter it. UFO has always been for me a frontier band who took hard rock playing to a pioneering level. Paul Raymond who's definitely not a c-list celebrity (pun intended!) is one of the UFO musicians who go solo regularly. His name does not come unfamiliar to all those into hard'n'heavy stuff.

As the rhythm guitarist, keyboard player and backing singer Paul's been a member of UFO since 1976 on hiatus breaks every once in a while. UFO with Paul Raymond have taken the scenic route as opposed to Hall of Fame paved highway and comfortably continue to rock on tour now. 2013 sees Paul Raymond Project putting out a passionate and vibrant album 'Terms & Conditions Apply' through Cherry Red Records; a follow up to fluid 2009 release 'Virtual Insanity'.

'Virtual Insanity' was a monster record abundant with catchy choruses and heavy guitar riffing. 'Michael Caine' and 'Don't Hide Your Love Away' feature great melodies, whereas the opening track, 'Where's My Bike' (instrumental) and 'Shangri-La' are more enigmnatic and heavy songs. Paul and Andy's performances are consistent throughout the record. Songs like 'Bad Hair Day' and 'The Rest Is History' contain some accoustic and psychedelic sounds. The latter has a terrific acoustic guitar solo! How does it all compare to 'Terms & Conditions'. Read on...

To this end, Paul Raymond (Man of strings inverted) teamed up with musicians par excellence to deliver a tasteful blend of rock and roll. This time the ranks include his long time collaborator Andy Simmons on lead and rhythm guitar and thundering rhythm section of four strings-plucker Mark Coles and skins pounder Tony Steel. This is Paul Raymond Project!

'Terms & Conditions Apply' is a rocking ride from start to finish. Clocking in at almost an hour the music never gets boring, because the compositions are varied enough to keep the ride going. The production is slick so that the sound gives you a feeling of balance, consistency and immersion. With such strong material as 'Man on the Mission', 'Virtual Reality' and this one it would be great to see PRP on the road someday.

The band barrels through the spirited material in a grooving fashion. It all fires up with the melodic 'Born and Raised on Rock and Roll' which features a cheerful, fat riff resembling a bit of UFO's 'Fighting Man'. The band sounds really exciting here. Lyrically, this one could be a rocker's creed and you can hear Paul's in great shape. I have always said his voice sounded like washed denim jeans and does very well in material like this. Paul sounds fresh and never tired! This song has a pumping, joyous drive to it. Next up you get 'End of Life as We Know It' which surely bounces back to MSG times and Andy lays down a frenetic solo here. It is a mid-tempo rocker with some atmospheric guitar picking. It has a thoughtful structure with dynamic tempo sequences. The lyrics are a witty commentary on the idiocy of the modern educational system.

If you recollect UFO's 'The Wild, the Willing and The Innocent' album you'd place 'Deeper Shade of Blue' in that era. It is dynamic, very upbeat, and carries some very infectious melody. Very potent lyrically again, a hard rocker with hypnotic drumming. The album's consistency continues through 'C-List Celebrity' which is like metal from the 1980's and a shot at overnight success as far as the lyrics are concerned. It's the shortest cut on the album with yet another memorable melody and tight musicianship mode on. Things slow down a bit with 'We Will Be Strong' which is reminiscent of Freddie Mercury and Queen. Even Paul's timbre and phrasing are similar to Freddie's. You can treat is as a semi-ballad with some fluttering piano parts, also the song features climatic orchestral parts at the bridge which allow Andy Simmons to explode into one of the most exuberant solos on the album. The title track is rather ambient, semi-acoustic piece of music. It is powered by the rhythm section and an omnipresent dynamic groove. The lyrics touch the topic of the recent world economic crisis and the track comes off as the most progressive cut on the album.

It's time to give the voice a rest and let the duelling guitars speak, because it's what 'Whiskey Mac' is all about. A raucous guitar jam with loads of rocking guitar accents and MSG/UFO sequences we all know too well. It never gets a tad boring in the scope of things musically and has a clever drum outro-solo. 'Bright Lights' is another hook laden, playful rocker destined for radio air play. The sonorous accordion sample, hidden behind the wall of sound, gives it kind of a dreamy quality. The Four Tops classic Reach Out (I'll Be There) features Michael Schenker and he comes off really rounded here. The song starts off with delicate guitar picking only to burst to almost metal frills in places, and has this empowering Schenker guitar wailing gallop. In the middle, there's a bass solo section and it really sets the mood for a fiery end. If you remember UFO's 'Profession of Violence' or even 'Belladonna' (though Paul didn't take part in writing those), 'Love is Blind' borders on similar areas. Reuben Archer of Stamepede sings his heart out here, and his singing is really dramatic. Archer's yearning voice is accentuated by 'no drumming' music, guitar licks and serene piano which make the cut very ambient and spine chilling.

'If You've Got To Fool Somebody' starts off bluesy and seems rather out of place at first, yet it develops later on. My ear caught nice melodies native of the late 50s and early 60s. Elvis or The Beatles would not be ashamed to do it if it were arranged for them. The keyboards build up atmospheric background and Paul sings like man possessed here. Andy does a great job on the lead and soon the song nears to its end.

The bonuses are Paul's ideas which were the backbones of Vinnie Moore/UFO era cuts. Here Paul shows his musical vision. 'Still the Same' is an out and out rocker, very similar conceptually to Fight Night from the acclaimed Seven Deadly album. Penultimate UFO album 'The Visitor' gets revisited (again pun intended!) with 'Driftin' Apart' and 'Partners in Crime'. The former is the most interesting of the three bonuses, as it features totally different vocal and melodic lines (as they all do) and has a teasing sax solo plus it's not far musically from the mighty Stones whereas the latter is just a bit varied Villians and Thieves.

If you like offbeat melodies, strong musicianship, monster sound, then this is the album for you. This is not a groundbreaking album in any way, but how many grounds can a man break in his lifetime? Buy it once it hits the shelves and be sure to apply all the terms and conditions to properly appreciate it!

Marcin Rybacki

Thanks Marcin - Marcin also wrote a great UFO Concert Review:





3rd December 2012

First album review from

READ REVIEW - Having read the review, I can't wait to get hold of a copy "the first great record of 2013" - now that's an endorsement



November 2012


20th November 2012



Paul Raymond to release a new solo album titled "Terms and Conditions Apply" early next year


NEW PAUL RAYMOND PROJECT ALBUM: Due for release on 28th January 2013




Paul Raymond, songwriter, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist of legendary cult hard rock outfit UFO has inked a deal with Cherry Red Records’ new hard rock imprint label Hear No Evil for his new solo album with The Paul Raymond Project


The new album, entitled “Terms & Conditions Apply” is set for a worldwide release on January 28, 2013.   It will mark the sixth release by the group and features a guest appearance from Michael Schenker (MSG, UFO, Scorpions) on a cover of ‘Reach Out (I’ll Be There)’ and by Reuben Archer (Stampede, Wild Horses, Lionheart, Lautrec) on ‘Love Is Blind’.

Paul Raymond is set to play some select regional solo UK shows to promote “Terms & Conditions Apply” in the New Year, including a special headline launch show at London’s Borderline venue on Friday 1st February, before resuming his duties touring with UFO.  The shows will feature Stampede vocalist Reuben Archer amongst other special guests and will showcase the new material as well as UFO classics. Regional dates are yet TBA.


Paul Raymond is primarily best known for his work in UFO, having joined the band’s ranks in 1976. Beginning with “Lights Out” in 1977, to date Paul has appeared on 11 UFO albums, including the incendiary double live “Strangers In the Night”.  In a varied career, he’s also been a key member in a number of acts, including 70s legends Savoy Brown, Chicken Shack, Michael Schenker Group and Waysted.

The Paul Raymond Project (PRP) was first formed in 1989 in Japan featuring original lineup of Frank Di Mino (formerly of Angel) on lead vocals and Masoyoshi Yamashitu (Loudness) on bass.  Paul spent 1990 writing new material, inspired by the resurgence of straight-ahead blues/rock led by bands such as the Black Crowes and the Quireboys, until, joined by guitarist Andy Simmons, the third incarnation of the project released “Man on a Mission” through Zoom Club records.  It was to be nine years before Paul and Andy joined forces again and recorded “Virtual Insanity” as UFO had once again intervened. In 2010, together with bass player Mark Coles and drummer Tony Steel, they began working on “Terms & Conditions Apply”.

PRP are:

Paul Raymond – lead vocals/lead & rhythm guitars/keyboards
Andy Simmons – lead & rhythm guitars/ keyboards
Mark Coles – bass/backing vocals
Tony Steel – drums/backing vocals

For further info please visit:

SOURCE: Archer Williams Management


the new album from

1. Born & Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll
2. End Of Life As We Know It
3. Deeper Shade Of Blue
4. C-List Celebrity
5. We Will Be Strong
6. Terms & Conditions
7. Whiskey Mac
8. Bright Lights
9. Reach Out (I’ll Be There)
(featuring Michael Schenker)
10. Love Is Blind (featuring Reuben Archer)
11. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody

Bonus Tracks:
12. Still The Same
13. Drifting Apart
14. Partners In Crime



Paul's interview



Visit the Official Website of Muscian and Songwriter - PAUL RAYMOND




For more indepth news on UFO, visit the


or check out the UFO Fansite, MISTY GREEN AND BLUE



21st November 2012

The Independent - San Francisco - CA

Venue Poster
Backstage Interview with Paul at The Independent, San Fransico



15th November 2012

'Seven Deadly' North American tour starts TODAY

TONIGHT: 15th November 2012 - Chicago - IL - House of Blues


Vinnie Moore
Phil Mogg
Paul Raymond

Rob DeLuca
Andy Parker









interview with Paul - March 2012 | English Translation




Series of Photos added to the UK Tour Page - Academy - Dublin - ©2012 Paul M. Reynolds





8th March 2012

UFO, 'Seven Deadly' at #152 in the Billboard Indie Charts

A truly amazing Chart week for UFO - Entering the UK Mid-week charts at Number 38 and then a new entry in the UK Rock Album Charts at Number 1,

The UK Indie Charts at Number 9, The UK Music Album Charts at Number 63, The German Music Album Charts at Number 55 and now

entering the USA Billboard Independent Album Charts at Number 152


Spanish Magazine - ThisIsRock




pages 70/71


Album Review from the same issue of ThisIsROCK



As the follow up to March Issue of Italian Magazine, Metal Maniac award 'Seven Deadly' - 8/10 as posted below on 7th February entry


UFO have a double-spread in April's issue of the magazine


Paul Raymond Interview in April's issue of Metal Maniac


March 2012 issue VIEW HERE




7th March 2012

Aarddshock, Magazine, Holland


Double page Interview with Paul Raymond from this months magazine




METAL HAMMER - Poland - Double cover issue


Paul Raymond Interview

Metal Hammer Concert advert from METAL MIND Productions

Album Review to come in the following months issue of MH - Poland - Thanks Gregory



28th February 2012


TODAY - USA and Canada Official Release


TODAY: Final day of the Monsters Of Rock Cruise - 25th to 28th Feb (Florida/Bahamas)






27th February 2012


TODAY - UK and European Official Release




Very interesting Paul Raymond double-spread interview - ORDER YOUR COPY HERE to read




24th February 2012

UFO 'Seven Deadly' is officially released TODAY in Germany and Japan





11th February 2012

Paul Raymond Interview with Greek Magazine 'rock overdose'

Greek Review | rock overdose - English Translation




9th February 2012

FIREWORKS - Interview, Review and Album / UK Tour dates advert

UFO on the cover of the 50th Issue of FIREWORKS Magazine (Mar/April 2012)


Cover photo

Inside, a Paul Raymond Interview...

...spanning over two pages - GO buy a copy to read





3rd February 2012

Interesting interview with Paul Raymond chatting about the new album and forthcoming tour,

as well as other good things UFO







24th January 2012


Paul appears in a couple of February issues of UK Guitar magazines
as the endorser of Vintage Lemon Drop Guitars



VIEW large advert







1985 Metal Hammer - German poster - Atomik Tommy M and Paul Raymond







Chicken Shack

1969 - December 1971


Stan Webb - guitar, vocals • Andy Sylvester - bass • Paul Raymond - organ, piano • Dave Bidwell - drums, congas


Christine McVie left Chicken Shack but the band carried on with a new keyboard player Paul Raymond, who was formerly with pop group Plastic Penny.

Paul refused to do an audition but got the job anyway and was a good addition musically to the band.

They recorded their third album 100 Ton Chicken in April 1970, and released a single from it, 'Tears In The Wind', in August, which charted at 29.

The album was released in September to critical acclaim.

The horn section had been dropped and they had a much heavier sound, but sales were quite poor, the blues boom was slowing down.

However they were still going down well live.

Stan had acquired a hundred foot guitar lead which he used to good effect at the Bath Festival in the summer of 1969, when he went walkabout in the audience.

On one famous occasion at the Speakeasy, Stan walked to the bar and had a drink while still playing his guitar solo.

On another occasion he entertained the crowd single-handed at Birmingham Town Hall when the band's van broke down on their way from London.

In July 1970, they released their fourth album 'Accept', a much rockier album than before.

From it they put out a very commercial single 'Maudie', but both failed to chart.

In August they had a successful tour of America together with the Savoy Brown Blues Band, with whom they shared the same manager, Harry Simmonds.

They played a huge open air festival in Dubuque, Iowa to 42,000 people and both Bill Graham's Fillmore East and Fillmore West in New York and San Francisco, as well as the Whisky-a-Go-Go in Los Angeles.

This was followed by a short tour of Germany in November, but in December the group split up.

Paul Raymond and Dave Bidwell left to join Savoy Brown, shortly followed by Andy Silvester.



July 1970 - Promotional Copy of the album ACCEPT


First album "100 ton chicken" realeased November 1969



Stan Webb - guitar, vocals - Paul Raymond - organ, piano
- Andy Sylvester - bass - Dave Bidwell - drums, congas


Artist: Chicken Shack
Title Of Album: The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions
Year Of Release: 2005
Label: Sony BMG
Genre: Blues/Rock, British Blues

CD 1:
01. It's Okay with Me Baby
02. When My Left Eye Jumps
03. Letter
04. Lonesome Whistle Blues
05. When the Train Comes Back
06. San-Ho-Zay
07. King of the World
08. See See Baby
09. First Time I Met the Blues
10. Webbed Feet
11. You Ain't No Good
12. What You Did Last Night
13. Hey Baby
14. Baby's Got Me Crying
15. Right Way Is My Way
16. Get Like You Used to Be
17. Pony and Trap
18. Tell Me
19. Woman Is the Blues
20. When the Train Comes Back [Single Version]

CD 2:
01. Worried About My Woman
02. Six Nights in Seven
03. I Wanna See My Baby
04. Remngton Ride
05. Fishing in Your River
06. Mean Old World
07. Sweet Sixteen
08. I'd Rather Go Blind
09. Night Life
10. Road of Love
11. Look Ma, I'm Cryin'
12. Evelyn
13. Reconsider Baby
14. Weekend Love
15. Midnight Hour
16. Tears in the Wind
17. Horse & Cart
18. Way It Is
19. Still Worried About My Woman
20. Anji

CD 3:
01. Smartest Girl in Town
02. Hideaway
03. Things You Put Me Through
04. Diary of Your Life
05. Pocket
06. Never Ever
07. Sad Clown
08. Maudie
09. Telling Your Fortune
10. Tired Eyes
11. Some Other Time
12. Going Round
13. Andalucian Blues
14. You Knew You Did You Did
15. She Didn't Use Her Loaf
16. Maudie [Single Version]






Savoy Brown



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Paul Raymond (left) with Chicken Shack



Savoy Brown – Street Corner Talking/Hellbound Train

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